Mobile-Technologies (MT) provides telecom companies around the world with advanced solutions for biometric customer registration and SIM life-cycle management.

Last year, the intelligent Registration Management solution (iRM) a module of MT’s Intelligent Service Layer product suite was successfully deployed to a major network operator in West Africa. MT was mandated to provide a solution to the operator to fulfill government regulations within a short span of time.

Less than a year after the implementation, the Network Operator is now more than 99% compliant with regulatory requirements as opposed to other MNO’s in the same country reflecting a less than 50% compliancy. In addition to regulatory compliance, iRM has through a unified solution added significant value through increased mobile money registrations.

“We are proud to have provided the solution for these remarkable numbers. iRM has again proven its value in subscriber registration projects. iRM is designed to meet any country specific regulatory requirements“ says Eli Hem Jensen, Group CEO, Mobile-Technologies. “IRM is tailored to reduce the burden of new regulations. From seamlessly integrating with 3rd party systems, to quickly and accurately capturing appropriate data. The solution ensures that new regulation does not lead to fines, customer or revenue loss.”

The solution is accessible via the web and smartphone devices, allowing for subscriber registration to take place virtually anytime and anywhere. iRM adheres to government regulatory requirement for mobile subscription and includes capturing of subscriber’s demographic and biometric data. The captured data is then securely stored on the Operators database where it can be extended to perform numerous other KYC activities.

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