Subscriber Database Management System

SDMS, brought to you by Mobile-Technologies, is a scalable data-driven platform for subscriber database management, designed to help governmental and regulatory agencies to streamline subscriber records of any volume and size from multiple operators.

SDMS simplifies the verification and validation of subscriber datapoints for regulatory bodies, helps to monitor and ensure compliance from MNOs and apply more effective controls measures in place.

Advanced Features Integration with multiple registration channels Multiple methods of data capture: barcode scan, digital signature, OCR, etc. Biometric data authentication through facial or fingerprint validation Data encryption to safeguard the integrity of transmitted data Performance reporting and system auditing features Offline registration via mPOS in areas with limited network coverage Automation Layer Helps in implementing a data-driven culture Enables proactive data management Executive Business Benefits Expedites time-to-market for products and services Ensures product compliance with unique individual regulatory and security requirements Integration with multiple registration channels from web to mobile Real-time verification safeguards against potential fraud Seamless integration with a pre-existing registration system Additional feature registration: SIM swap, mobile payment, and multiple MSISDN registration Automatic validation rules for data integrity User-friendly UI

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