Professional Services

Mobile Technologies has a broad portfolio of software solutions, complemented in an engagement with a client by a portfolio of professional services, aiming for a complete and turn-key service. In the cases where that is applicable and relevant, Mobile Technologies can source, certify, supply and manage professional devices, aiming to create added value for the client’s end-to-end service.


based on extensive market experience:


Solution Consultancy and Business Improvement services can be provided, to ensure innovation and business changes based on market demands


Training sessions are available (onsite, offsite or on demand), training material, enriches the efficiency of the platform and digital products for business success of customers, this ensures that business users and other users know how to use the system


Solution customization is available if needed to ensure the regulatory compliance of the solution, as an add on service.

Support and Maintenance

based on extensive market experience:

Monitoring & Support

Comprehensive monitoring for 24x7 and generate reports for detailed performance

Managed services

Maintenance services of the system via remote or onsite, prevents issues, reduces downtime impact and duration, Regular backup are performed and ensure rapid recovery after downtime etc.

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