Subscriber Database Management

Project Description

The Subscriber Database Management System (SDMS) is an innovative and scalable solution that is designed to help governmental and regulatory agencies streamline and validate registration data records from multiple mobile network operators (MNOs). The system simplifies the registration and verification of subscriber datapoints, enabling agencies to monitor and ensure compliance from MNOs and apply effective control and validation measures.

Mobile Technologies-Database Management System

Benefits of our Subscriber Database Management solution

One of the key benefits of SDMS is its ability to streamline the registration process. The system allows MNOs to register subscribers quickly and easily, using standardized data formats and protocols. This makes it easier for agencies to collect and process subscriber data from multiple sources, reducing the workload for both MNOs and regulatory agencies.

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    Prevent identity theft with our Subscriber Database Management solution

    SDMS also provides powerful validation tools that enable agencies to ensure the accuracy and completeness of registration data. The system is designed to detect errors, inconsistencies, and omissions in subscriber data, and to flag these issues for resolution. This helps agencies to maintain high data quality standards and to prevent fraudulent activities, such as identity theft.

    Use Cases

    Customer verification and ID management

    Dealer Management

    Border Control Management

    Digital Identity Management

    Prison ID System Management

    ICAO-Compliance Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring to ensure compliance

    Another important feature of SDMS is its ability to monitor and ensure compliance from MNOs. The system provides real-time visibility into MNO registration activities, enabling agencies to identify non-compliant behavior and take corrective action as necessary. SDMS can also generate reports and analytics that help agencies to monitor trends, track performance, and identify opportunities for improvement.

    Highly scalable Data Management System

    SDMS is a data-driven solution that is designed to be highly scalable and adaptable to changing requirements. The system is built using modular architecture, making it easy to add or remove features as needed. It also supports open standards and APIs, enabling seamless integration with other systems and applications.


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