SIM & Number Management

Project Description

Intelligent SIM and Number Management (iSM), is a comprehensive solution that allows the administration and management of the SIM and Number (MSISDN) resources for telecommunications providers. iSM automats the management of the full lifecycle of the SIM products and numbers, in a seamless and secure way, by assigning and tracking SIM orders and other logistical resources in real-time.

With automation and efficiency added to the process, it reduces business risks, at the same time as providing a fluid and consistent experience.

Use Cases

Process automation on managing IMSI & MSISDN across HLR’s regions & product

Prevention of data inconsistencies and duplication when creating SIM orders

Reduction of errors associated with manual data validation

Risk minimization on distribution of inactive SIMs

Adds a layer of security and integrity to data management

Combats inefficiencies and delays in identifying provisioned SIMs

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