SIM & Number Management

    Project Description

    Mobile-Technologies' iSM is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes the administration and management of SIM and Number resources for telecommunications providers. In essence, iSM is a comprehensive platform that enables the automation and efficient management of the full lifecycle of SIM products and numbers, providing a seamless and secure way of assigning and tracking SIM orders and other logistical resources in real time.

    Effortless management with Mobile-Tehcnologies' intelligent SIM & Number Management solution

    In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving telecommunications industry, iSM has become a critical tool for telecommunications providers. It allows them to streamline their operations and improve the customer experience while reducing the inherent business risks associated with managing these resources manually. With iSM, telecommunication providers can effortlessly manage the provisioning, activation, and deactivation of SIMs and Numbers, reducing the time and resources spent on administrative tasks.

    Mobile-Technologies SIM & Number Management

    Take the automation advantage with Mobile-Tehcnologies'
    intelligent SIM & Number Management solution

    The automation and efficiency offered by iSM have far-reaching benefits for telecommunication providers. By using automation, telecommunication providers can free up their resources to focus on more strategic business initiatives. This approach ensures a reduction in overhead costs, streamlining internal processes, and an overall increase in business agility. Additionally, iSM offers real-time visibility of the resources, enabling telecommunication providers to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

    Secure and Reliable SIM & Number Management

    iSM offers enhanced security features, which are essential for the telecommunications industry. With Mobile-Technologies' iSM, telecommunication providers can securely manage and track their resources, reducing the risk of fraud and misuse.

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      iSM Use Cases

      Process automation on managing IMSI & MSISDN across HLR’s regions & product

      Prevention of data inconsistencies and duplication when creating SIM orders

      Reduction of errors associated with manual data validation

      Risk minimization on distribution of inactive SIMs

      Adds a layer of security and integrity to data management

      Combats inefficiencies and delays in identifying provisioned SIMs

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