Fingerprint Xpress

    Project Description

    In an age where data security and user authentication are paramount, traditional verification methods are being pushed to their limits. The age of passwords, access cards, or biometric validations supported by cumbersome physical fingerprint scanners is shifting towards digital solutions, which are more efficient, secure, and convenient. A fingerprint initial capture, associated with a physical hardware device, and the later related validations and verifications do not need to be part of two different processes.

    Mobile-Technologies Fingerprint Xpress introduces a software-based solution for capturing a fingerprint using only a smartphone camera and adapts the collected information to the format and context needed in the next step for validation and verification.

    Fingerprint Xpress eliminates the need for hardware-based fingerprint scanners, which represent a costly alternative in respect to initial investment, distribution, and maintenance.

    A Paradigm Shift in Fingerprint Capture

    Traditional authentication methods like passwords and access cards have long been the standard for securing data and granting access to sensitive information or perimeters. Passwords can be forgotten or stolen, and access cards can be lost or misplaced. Biometric data, such as fingerprints, facial, iris, or voice recognition, has become increasingly used in different consumer applications. While fingerprint validations are some of the most secure and reliable means of identity validation, they are based on dedicated physical hardware equipment capable of capturing a fingerprint. Maintaining and distributing physical fingerprint scanners is both a costly investment and a logistical nightmare for enterprises where points of validation are required in multiple scattered locations.

    This is where Fingerprint Xpress by Mobile-Technologies shines. It leverages the ubiquity of smartphones, making them the perfect platform for secure and convenient biometric authentication, while adding a secure software component purposely built to capture a fingerprint and use that for the relevant use cases.

    Mobile-Technologies Fingerprint Xpress

    Fingerprint Xpress Capabilities

    Capture fingerprints with any smartphone camera

    Configurable NFIQ scoping and Minutia scoring

    Configurable size for fingerprint captures

    Aliveness verification at time of scan

    Multiple export formats: WSQ​, ISO​, ANSI​, JPEG, PNG

    Plug and play API based on standard open protocols

    SDK allows easy integration with other systems

    Supports the majority of Android and iOS devices

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    Ready to embrace the future of biometrics and transform your data security and user authentication processes?

      Key Benefits of Fingerprint Xpress by Mobile-Technologies

      A hardware agnostic software solution, that uses the camera of any smartphone

      Seamless Integration

      Supports open standard APIs and fits smoothly into any existing ecosystem


      Subscription model. No hardware cost and no distribution cost

      Simplified Maintenance

      Streamlined and easy product updates, with remote maintenance


      Remotely modify: capturing parameters and business rules


      Capture fingerprints in a secure and compliant environment


      Scale up or down easily as your business demands change

      Your Competitive Advantage

      Fingerprint Xpress stands out from the competition because it is built on the extensive experience and proven track record of Mobile-Technologies. For over ten years, Mobile-Technologies has been delivering enterprise grade identity and access management solutions for large enterprises with very high transaction volumes enabling automation and digitization of service onboarding journeys.

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