Digital Identity Management

Project Description

Intelligent Digital Identity Management (iDIM), is a solution for automated digital enrolment, that can be used across both government and private sector transactions. The iDIM solution serves as a digital transformation enabler, creating working flows based on identity data, where the interaction between service provider and users are seamless, yet secure.

With automation and efficiency as key attributes, user registration and configurable business rules based on identity data, the service experience is fluid and consistent.

Use Cases

Smart access to restricted areas for authorised personnel

eService enablement through digital ID

Healthcare identity and Claim profiling

Border control and mobility management

Loyalty and Membership system for hospotality

Attendance System for offices, schools, plants and factories

Smart check-in at Service counters

Subscription Management

mPOS for Insurance services

BigData centralization registry

mPOS for Banking Industry

Warehouse Automation Tools

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