Mobile Technologies will be introducing a unique new product to the ISL family that will be the first of its kind to provide an enterprise end to end solution for tracking and managing day to day operation. The product is designed to facilitate hierarchical management of any division in the organization that has to deal with the complexity of task assignments and tracking of agents on the move. We often have to think long and hard about implementing a system that will deal with users in hierarchy but iTM was created just for that purpose and more.

iTM will allow users to be organized in a hierarchical tree and with full control over content access and permissions. Mobile Network Operators can use iTM to track their dealers or Sales Manager can use iTM to create schedule and monitor their sales representatives in the fields – this is only to name a few but opportunities are limitless.

“Initially we were only looking to compliment the ISL suite with a tracking feature and complete the picture of this product family, but only then that we realize, why limit ourselves?” Says Eli Hem Jensen, CEO, Mobile-Technologies. “The market is saturated with softwares that allow task assignments and you can find various different softwares that can be used to track physical locations but our clients were unable to find one that brings the two most wanted features together all in one product.”

With iTM, the ISL product family will be offering the complete solution that will streamline all business processes required by mobile network operators to function efficiently and effectively.

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