Mobile Device Management

Our MDM, brough to you by Mobile-Technologies, is a security and business automation software used to enforce corporate device usage poliies through monitoring, managing, and securing employees’ mobile devices, deployed across multiple mobile service providers and across multiple mobile operating systems being used in the organization.

Advanced Features Policy Management:
Enforce corporate and individual group policies
Mobile Browsing Management
Custom browser, website whitelisting
Device Lock & Wipe
Lock device remotely, wipe data on-device remotely
Device Monitoring:
Device information and health check, enable/disable WIFI & Bluetooth
Remote App Management
Install apps, remove/disable apps
Remote Configuration
Access & modify device settings remotely, customize user rights
Automation Layer Device Lockdown Data Sharing Block Central dashboard Real-Time alerts Containerization Application Management Remore lock or Wipe Real-time device status Executive Business Benefits Enhance field-force productivity with real-time location tracking Increase device lifetime by monitoring device health Reduce mobile data costs by restricting unauthorized use Secure data, when device is lost/stolen, with remote lock & wipe Save time & operational cost by troubleshooting issues remotely

Slide corporate policies enforcement Border Control Management tracking and managing the corporate devices of remore workers Customer verification
& validation
MDM Use Cases
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