Mobile-Technologies provides telecom operators around the world with advanced solutions for customer registration and SIM life-cycle management. Today the company announced the successful implementation and launch of another iRM – intelligent Registration Management deployment in West Africa.

“Already in its first day of launch, the solution has been well-received by both operator and their customers. Since the implementation in December, they have seen an increase in registrations on a daily basis. “Says Eli Hem Jensen, CEO of Mobile-Technologies. iRM is an easy to use application that allows for all customer data, as mandated by the regulatory authority, to be captured securely via the web and smartphone devices.

Less than a year after the implementation, the Network Operator is now more than 99% compliant with regulatory requirements as opposed to other MNO’s in the same country reflecting a less than 50% compliancy. In addition to regulatory compliance, iRM has through a unified solution added significant value through increased mobile money registrations.

Eli continues: “The same solution is also the key enabler for the operator to migrate existing subscriber from 3G to their new 4G network. With an easy user-interface from smartphones that are roaming the streets, this solution gives a very broad service footprint for subscribers to perform their SIM swap anytime and anywhere. A significantly improved subscriber experience at a reduced cost for the operator!”.

The iRM solution is part of Mobile-Technologies’ intelligent Service Layer (ISL) product family, which enables the operator to embrace new opportunities and capabilities including offering on-demand provisioning, SIM and Number Management, and dealer management in a progressive and cost efficient manner.

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