Intelligent Sim & Number Management

iSM, brought to you by Mobile-Technologies, is a comprehensive solution that reliably manages the SIM and Numbering resources for telecommunications providers. iSM manages the full lifecycle of the SIM product and numbers in a consistent and secure way, by assigning and tracking SIM orders and other logistical resources in real-time.

iSM adds a layer of automation and efficiency to the process, thus reducing the business risks, at the same time providing a fluid and more consistent experience to subscribers.

Advanced Features Order Management: Drives the SIM order process & lifecycle, including SIM product, packaging & number selection Product Management: Full control of SIM product including the electrical/graphical profile, chip type, file template, artwork, and packaging Number Inventory: Manage MSISDN, IMSI, ICCID number plans, batch numbers, golden number and HLR number capacity SIM Provisioning: Define automated or manual provisioning rules for SIM data including output file validation prior to provisioning Stock Inventory: Real-time view of SIM warehouse inventory upon receipt and dispatching Number Recycling: Manually and automatically recycle the MSISDN number after a configurable quarantine period SIM Vendor Management: Management of SIM vendors for SIM ordering and packaging Reports: Powerful reporting web display that can be exported to several document formats Automation Layer Removes manual intervention for business-critical processes Simplifies the management of SIM products, electrical/ graphical profiles, and artworks Automatic validation and quality assurance checks Executive Business Benefits Eliminates data inconsistencies through accurate management of SIM and number resources in real-time Optimizes operator network capacity by analyzing operator HLR capacity Reduces errors in warehouse inventory planning of SIMs Adapts to the operators’ order management system capabilities Provides support for various SIM product types Allows for secure file transfer and reception of input files/ output files. Provides an interactive UI for users with minimal technical expertise Generates consistent reporting for planning and forecasting

Slide Process automation on managing IMSI & MSISDN across HLR’s regions & product Reduction of errors associated with manual data validation Prevention of data inconsistencies and duplication when creating SIM orders Risk minimization on distribution of inactive SIMs Adds a layer of security and integrity to data management Combats inefficiencies and delays in identifying provisioned SIMs iSM Use Cases
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