Intelligent Provisioning Management

Intelligent provisioning management, brought to you by Mobile-Technologies, provides a dynamic number activation through a fully automated process of number activation and management. Number activation can be initiated via several different channels: dealer, CRM or the website. The new technology enables greater agility and business continuity by offering several activation/number selection scenarios, that fit a larger array of usage cases.

Advanced Features Automated Number Management System: Fully automated process to manage numbers and number activation requests Number Activation via Dealer Application: The dealer will initiate the SIM activation by using mobile application Number Activation via Website: Subscriber will initiate the SIM activation by accessing operator website Number Activation via CRM: Number activation in operator branches and shop connected to the CRM Automation Layer No MSISDN/Perm. IMSI (New Technology) Activation after successful registration only Permanent MSISDN locked after RGA Only RGA/Registered MSISDN in HLR/AuC Provision MSISDN Based on HLR capacity End to End SIM/Number Management capabilities Number selection during registration

Slide Activation via dealer application Activation via CRM Activation via USSD Activation via Operator Website SIM swap Mobile number porting iPM Use Cases
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