Intelligent Registration System

The iRM, brought to you by Mobile-Technologies, is the platform for data registration and verification, adding a layer of automation to the customer onboarding process. The iRM allows for multiple channels of data capture – from web to smart devices, with a strong focus on security, regulatory compliance, and flexible integration with other service transaction systems.

Advanced Features Advanced interface for dealer management to define commission, service hierarchy, geofencing of dealer locations, account and profile management, along with dealer fraud detection if occurred. Customer onboarding facility with for multiple registration options, post-paid, pre-paid, need-based registration, discount-based registration, etc. Automation Layer Service personalization: enables the selection of number, service, and tariff plans. Enables security by using advanced encryption mechanisms. Includes additional data capturing: Barcode scan, digital signature, OCR. Traceability of productivity: all-on administration with comprehensive reporting and audit logs. Captures all kinds of customer data with in-built validation and verification rules. Allows for offline registration in areas with no network coverage. Back-end configuration, full regulator compliancy to ensure ICAO-compliant data management. Aliveness detection and biometric validation to ensure human presence and avoid fraud. Executive Business Benefits Reduction of operational costs. Minimal training requirements to
onboard the product.
Multiple registration channels for faster customer acquisition. Additional custom features such as multiple MSISDN mobile payment and SIM swap. Curbs fraudulent activities through proper verification. Data-driven marketing campaigns based on insights reports.
Automation Layer Advanced Features Executive Business Benefits

Slide Digital Identity Management ICAO-compliant Customer onboarding & KYC Border Control Management Biometric Capture Customer verification & validation Dealer Management SIM provisioning,
activation & SIM Swap
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