Intelligent Channel Management

The iCM, brought to you by Mobile- Technologies, is designed to help mobile operators adapt to the challenges arising from the distribution of SIM cards, voucher cards, devices, and accessories. The iCM is a comprehensive tool suited to any mobile carrier, from dealers to sub-dealers, branches, and franchises.

Advanced Features SIM & device management: Over-the-air (OTA) management functions such as mapping/unmapping of SIM cards with MSISDN numbers, provisioning, activation, deactivation & termination of SIM cards. Service Provider management: Configuration for service providers, service areas, and end-users. Reports: The generation of insightful reports that can be presented in various document formats. Number management: Organization of numbers such as ICCID, IMSI and MSISDN, and MSISDN number categorization (Golden, Silver, Platinum or normal numbers). Rating and billing management: Configuration and management of billing plans, tariff plans, device plans, and billing subscription. Executive Business Benefits Simplified configuration and service rules Automatic optimizations of M2M devices The provision of multiple alternatives ways for M2M partners to explore services. Quicker access to data to expedite decision making processes Low-bandwidth, cost-effective, and hassle-free integration with cloud services to promote business efficiency. The leveling the playing field for both small and medium M2M as well as the biggest partners.

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