Government & Regulatory Bodies

Governments and Regulatory bodies globally are working towards implementing smarter and more secure methods of digital identity management. Now, biometric registration has become mandatory in a large number of countries, and is implemented across a number of vertical, from telecommunications to border controls and voting procedures.

What We Offer

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We work with governments and regulators to offer them a scalable data-driven platform for subscriber database management, designed to help them streamline individual records of any volume and size from multiple acquisition channels. Our products simplify the verification and validation of individual registration datapoints for regulatory bodies, helping to monitor and ensure compliance across government agencies and corporate entities. On top of all, our SDMS (subscriber Database Management System) acts as a validation DB to financial, immigration, police authorities, thus reducing the load on local DB systems.

In the telecommunications sector the lack of control towards subscriber management and sim distribution - increases vulnerabilities to organized crime or terrorism within governments and globally.

In business and government sectors, or any vertical where electronic transaction management is required - the lack of a centralized system for e-profile management becomes a challenge. Mobile-Technologies provides you with solutions to better manage E-profiles to ensure safety.

Mobile-Technologies offers a set of digital and business automation tool to help overcome the obstacles to creating e-governments & data-driven cultures.


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