mPOS Combo Passport

Passport Scanner

mPOS Combo scanners is a compact, full-page, multi-purpose passport and ID scanners that provide automatic, accurate data extraction and document verification. It allows reading of multiple document types: passports, e-passports, ID cards, visas and driving licenses. Printed data is extracted from the entire data page, from MRZ, VIZ and 1D & 2D bar codes. It also extracts digital data from contactless (RFID) and contact smart chips and from magnetic stripes. mPOS Combo Scanner series is ideal for any application from border control and immigration, to security and commercial environments like banks, hotels or telecom companies.

Passport Scanner


Device Specifications

  • Scan Area
    125mm x 55mm
  • Illumination Sources
    LED Visible white, IR ( B900)
  • Image Resolution
    500 PPI
  • Certification
  • ICAO MRZ Reading
    For ID Type 1 and 2. MRZ read for ID Type 3
  • Smart Card Reader
    Yes (Contact only & Contactless optional)
  • IP Grade
    IP 53

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