Asperis X8

Rugged Biometric Combo Tablet

Asperis X8 comes with a FAP 60 fingerprint allowing the capture of 4 fingers at a time. Advanced capabilities of Asperis X8, such as the availability of a FAP 60 fingerprint scanner, smartcard reader and an inbuilt Printer empowers users to use the devicefor a number of purposes such as ID information collection for SIM registration, logistics, voting registration, border control, law enforcement, patient data capture in e-Healthcare and exams verification in the educational sector.

Biometric FAP 60 tablet

SIM registration
voting registration
border control
law enforcement
financial registrations
bank account opening
migration services
mobility and travel services
e-healthcare data capture
exams verification


Device Specifications

  • Device Type
  • CPU
    2.0GHz Quad core
  • OS
    Android 9.0
  • Display
    8in LCD IPS 1280 x 800
  • Memory & Storage
    2Gb + 32Gb
  • Camera
    13MP Auto-Focus with Flash
  • Battery
  • Fingerprint Scanner
    500dpi, FAP 60
  • Smart Card reader
    Yes (Contact)
  • Printer
  • Network
  • IP Grade

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