About Us

Our Vision

To be a global market leader in solutions for customer onboarding, identity verification and automation of related workflows.

Our Mission

Provide peace of mind with digital identity solutions that empower service providers, and ensure security, compliance, integrity and sustainability for identity verification and customer onboarding.

Our Values

    • Customer Focus
    • Reliability
    • Integrity

Our History

  • Founding of Mobile-Technologies
    Opened office in Bangkok, Thailand
  • First Version of ISL (Intelligent Service Layer) Deployed
  • Gained positions in the
    African market
  • Gained positions in the Middle East market
  • Won 4 iRM projects
  • Won 5 iRM projects
  • Won 3 new iSM projects
  • Gained positions in the APAC region
  • Established Office in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Gained recognition in the European Market
  • Established Office in Dubai, UAE
  • Won 7 Projects in iRM
  • Reached 134,000,000 registration
  • Re-accredited for CMMI-DEV v.13
  • Added IPM, iVM and iDM to the product portfolio
  • Reached 235,000,000 registration transactions
  • Reached 900,000 active dealers managed in ISL
  • Accredited ISO27001
  • Re-accredited for CMMI-DEV3
  • Reached 300,000,000 registration transactions
  • Initiated the development of IDIM

Global Presence

  • Poland
  • Dubai
  • Nigeria
  • Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • Our Offices
  • Our Customers
  • R&D Center

Global Presence

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Guiding Principles

Slide Adherence to
company values
Framework for
Continuous improvement
of our maturity levels
Committed to the
highest standards
in product development
Applicable to all
departments and
Regulatory and
legislative compliance
Solutions we provide Solutions we provide
Solutions we provide

Solutions we provide

Watch our latest video about our Intelligent Digital Identity Management (iDIM) solution

Our Services


We’re available when you need us.

We understand how important continuity in your business is and our support teams are available 24/7 so that you don’t have to be.

Our expertise ensure that Technology works for you.

Providing you with expert Technology, Software Engineering and Project consulting so that you can focus on the business at hand. From concept to being fully implemented, we will ensure that you have implemented the right technologies.

Our team of certified Project Managers pride themselves in ensuring that you receive technology solutions that work for you.

Having implemented hundreds of projects, our project managers are fully involved in the R&D process, ensuring that they truly understand your needs and enabling them to expertly manage the deployment and integration of solutions

State of the art architectures adapted to your unique requirements and budget.

We can also deliver the necessary hardware and 3rd party licenses. All aspects are covered: from network optimization and load-balancing, to servers’ high-availability and redundancy, and disaster recovery infrastructure.

Solutions that deliver securely and reliability

Our quality assurance experts ensue that your chosen solutions deliver a flawless customer experience. We deliver on your promises by establishing and implementing vigorous testing processes that ensure your solutions meet your customer’s expectations.

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