Reduce CAPEX/OPEX: Reduce cost through optimized hardware & license management & by automating voucher generation, provisioning, inventory & dealership management & stock allocation
Flexibility: Using a modular approach, the flexibility in usage, functionality and modification are achievable in response to business process change and new opportunities.
Reliability: Using the best hardware setup, the system is robust and provides a high-reliability factor and ensure a mechanism to avoid system downtime.
Resilience: Robust system that allows recovery after a heavy workload to minimize downtime and maintenance.
Increase Revenue: Rapidly providing distribution channels such as mPOS, Java STK SIM applet to dealers with small shops, the street vendors and in rural areas.
Scalability: Data capacity can be increased up to the optimized hardware limits, augmentation of hardware can be implemented without stoppage.
Configurability: Allows user to setup and configure voucher products for different network operator’s services.
Speed: Expedite the printing of voucher, allocation of stocks and e-PIN generation
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