We develop & deploy a broad range of products & solutions for wireless operators.

Intelligent Service Layer (iSL)

At the core of Mobile-Technologies is an enabling platform that enables us to build a suite of telecom solutions while offering infrastructure and support services to our clients. We provide solutions to our clients using a combination of products tailored to fill in the missing parts and fully integrating into our client’s system. We have products that can cover every aspects of SIM & Number management from creation to end of life and further recycling.

Product wheel

Intelligent Service layer (hereafter “ISL”) is a framework, which has a modular architecture, is completely scalable in nature to support operator in various aspects such as SIM management, Number management, Voucher management, First Time SIM activation, M2M platform support, sales channel management and so on...

ISL is a customizable, modular concept, designed to seamlessly integrate with existing platforms in order to comply with our customer’s specific requirements.

IRM intelligent Registration Management

iRM is a fully automated solution that allows for customer registration to take place virtually anytime and anywhere.

IRMintelligent SIM Management

iSM is the complete key to end-to-end processes in a single integrated system, managing your SIM product life cycle in a consistent, safe and secure manner.for customer registration to take place virtually anytime and anywhere.

IRMintelligent Provisioning Management

iPM provides the solution to provision SIM at the point of first-time use, hence reducing HLR utilization, improving SIM logistics and optimization of number management.

IRMintelligent Voucher Management

iVM manages the complete life cycle and distribution of vouchers. It facilitates automatic generation of unique PINs using secure algorithms, and also provides the flexibility to integrate with different payment channels.

IRMintelligent Sales Visit Management

iSVM is the intuitive and powerful application that empowers organizations to manage their sales teams and develop a business relationship with its downstream channels.

IRMintelligent M2M Management

iM2M is the comprehensive answer that provides a platform for Machine-to-Machine (M2M/Io) to manage the M2M devices, SIM cards, provisioning, billing, and termination.

IRMintelligent Channel Management

iCM provides the solution to efficiently manage the stock allocation to distributors and dealers and support distribution channels.

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