We have a team with extensive experience in delivery and maintenance of advanced solutions.

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Mobile-Technologies has people with extensive experience in the delivery and maintenance of advanced solutions. We have a business-value driven approach in providing the following services:
Project-On-Demand and Consulting

Project-On-Demand and Consulting are part of Mobile-Technologies integrated services portfolio. With experienced resources skilled in telecommunications, we offer complete outsourcing of projects from, concept to specification, design, development, project management and implementation all tailored to your individual needs. Mobile-Technologies’ staff have many years of experience in sales, marketing, R&D, design, and deployment, allowing us to provide wireless operators with a comprehensive service. We have successfully completed numerous projects involving various capabilities, including:

- Mobile payment and top-up
- Mobile security
- Mobile content
- Unified Communication gateway
- Device management
- Advance SS7 (network backbone) development
- SIM development and deployment
- NFC (Near Field Communication) payment

Project Management and Integration

With any advanced product always comes project management and integration. This is a crucial part of any successful deployment. At Mobile-Technologies, we fully recognize this aspect and, ensure that our project managers are fully involved in the R&D process, ensuring that they truly understand the products , enabling them to better manage the deployment and integration of solutions with our customers. With an international team, we have experienced project management resources that can manage complete projects in English, Thai, Nepalese, Arabic and French.

Customized Solution

We understand that each customers’ environment and business requirements are unique, and Mobile-Technologies have a recognized experience in tailoring advanced telecom solutions to suit the specific needs of our customers. From the scoping study with business users to integration in various technical infrastructure, we can cover the full implementation of bespoke solutions.

Infrastructure Consulting

To ensure the best availability and performance of our solutions, Mobile-Technologies design state of the art architectures adapted to our customers’ unique requirements and budget. We can also deliver the necessary hardware and 3rd party licenses. All aspects are covered, from network optimization and load-balancing to servers’ high availability and redundancy. Mobile-Technologies also designs disaster recovery infrastructure.

Validation Service

Software validation service is paramount for any IT software development. Any bug occurring in a live production environment could result in unnecessary costs for the product supplier, not to mention the potential reputational damage caused. It is critical that software solutions are independently, thoroughly tested and certified to ensure maximum return on investment.
Mobile-Technologies is poised to provide our Validation Service to customers in need of independent professional and highly technical validation services.
A typical Mobile-Technologies validation service consists of the following steps:

- Reception of the customer requirements
- Analysis and clarification (if required) of the customer requirements
- Test planning
- Definition of the high-level test cases
- Definition of the detailed test cases including step by step test execution
- Execution of the test cases (results are automatically stored in test & issue tracking engine)
- Formal test certification when all issues are closed
- User Acceptance Test (UAT) document writing
- Support for UAT execution if required

The scope of the validation service includes:

- Manual functional testing
- Automation testing
- Performance testing (load test, stress test, endurance test)

Mobile-Technologies testing teams have many years’ experience in testing various software: from the standard desktop application, to web application and even mobile applications. We are proud to include Software Test Engineers from a multitude of business backgrounds, boasting vast experience with multiple Testing tools (for example JMeter, Selenium, Robotium, QTP, Load Runner, etc.). Through our Validation Services, customers are assured of a robust and detailed testing experience, with exceptional issue analysis skills to ensure a bug–free, certified product or solution.

Hotline and Support

Mobile-Technologies’ solutions are business-critical for our customers. We operate a 24-hours a day, 7-days a week support function. It is paramount that our customers feel comfortable and satisfied throughout the solution deployment and utilization process.