Project Management Consulting

With experienced resources skilled in telecommunications, Mobile-Technologies offers complete outsourcing of projects from concept to specification, design, development, project management and implementation all tailored to your individual needs.
Project-On-Demand and Consulting

Project On-Demand and Consulting are part of Mobile-Technologies integrated services portfolio. Mobile-Technologies’ staff has many years of experience in sales, marketing, R&D, design, and deployment, allowing us to provide wireless operators with a comprehensive service.

  • We have successfully completed numerous projects involving various capabilities, including:

  • SIM and Customer Registration based on country-specific telecom regulations

  • Performing customer registration without data connectivity expanding customer footprint

  • KYC registration (for Mobile money and other services)

  • SIM & number lifecycle management

  • SIM Ordering & SIM vendor management

  • Channel distribution & hierarchy management

  • Automatic and Manual provisioning of SIM cards

  • On-demand provisioning of numbers with network optimization

Project Management and Integration

With any advanced product always comes project management and integration. This is a crucial part of any successful deployment.
At Mobile-Technologies, we fully recognize this aspect and ensure that our project managers are fully involved in the R&D process, ensuring that they truly understand the products, enabling them to better manage the deployment and integration of solutions with our customers.
With a global team, we have experienced international project management resources that can manage complete projects in English, Thai, Nepalese, Arabic,and French.