Life @ Mobile-Technologies

what it's like working in Mobile-Technologies

  • Visan

    MT is a multicultural organization, we have so many nationalities and offices located oversea. The diversity of the people here are making the workplace fun and challenges, English conversation is vastly used as well as other languages such as French, Nepali, and local Thai. The company’s character is encouraging everyone to have an opened communication, the office door is always open for anyone to go in. It is a lot of fun working with smart people because they push you to be better, because you are sure that the collaboration will result in something achievable. Even when you can't talk quite the same "language".

    Visan Sankary 2 years with Mobile-Technologies

  • satai

    MT as a company is a bunch of experts working together on building products that provide effective and efficient solutions to mobile operators across the world. MT is also a place where I will meet nice people working together with laugh and smile on their faces.

    Satai Wisessathorn 6 years with Mobile-Technologies

  • satai

    For new comer I would like to say "Welcome" and everything is fine when you joint with us. The company culture is open area so it's easy to talk anything with high level management. We are work in brother - sister style so it's easy to co-worker with the team and also between team. Just you open your mind and open to learn new knowledge, you will be new generation to driving in our family.

    Kamol Malasithiwong 2.5 years with Mobile-Technologies