Comprehensive Solution That Provides A Platform For Machine-to-Machine (M2M) & Internet of Things (IoT)

Intelligent M2M Management (iM2M)

Mobile-Technologies’ Intelligent M2M Management (iM2M) is a comprehensive solution that provides a platform for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications where machine data is converted into useful information to build innovative applications and optimize the business process by integrating machine data. With seamless secure integration with cloud services: creating, monitoring, provisioning, tracking, managing, controlling and forecasting has never been easier than with iM2M. iM2M is a fully automated solution that allows you to focus on every level of your business in real-time with a low utilization of bandwidth and network cost.
SIM and Device management

Mapping and unmapping of SIM cards with the the MSISDN numbers.Provisioning, activation, deactivation and termination of SIM cards and devices via over-the-air (OTA).

Number management

Number planning of ICCID, IMSI and MSISDN numbers, MSISDN number grouping (Golden, Silver, Platinum or normal numbers).

Service Provider management

Configuration for service providers, users, service areas, associated devices, locations

Supply management

Creating, monitoring and managing orders for vendors and stock inventory.

Rating and Billing management

Control, configuration and management of billing subscriptions, billings plans, tariff plans and device plans.


Powerful reporting web display that can be exported to several document formats.

  • Business Challenges

    An increasing number of Network Operators are challenged with managing their business processes with the lack of the right tools. E.g . provisioning, registration management, order supervision, stock allocation, voucher and Pin controlling all requires effective access to data in real-time and over-the-air (OTA). Some of the most critical challenges faced are:

  • Ineffective workload due to a cumbersome system structure in system.

  • Absence of an overview of all business areas, products and services.

  • Inaccurate SIM and MSISDN information for utilization in reporting and forecasting.

  • Incorrect (un)mapping and configuration SIM cards with MSISDN numbers.

  • Loss of revenues and customers due to inconsistent data.

  • Lack of flexibility in service usage, M2M devices and integration.

  • Increasing numbers of human errors in registration, provisioning and activation process.

  • Delays in identifying accurate data due to current processed pratice.

  • iM2M Key Benefits

  • Simplicity in configuration of services and rules.

  • Ease of data retrieval which enables users to quickly access the data and enable quick as well as effective business actions.

  • Automatic optimization for M2M Devices

  • Improving efficiency with seamless integration with cloud services, with low utilization of bandwidth, while also saving network cost

  • Flexibility providing to M2M partner to define the ways of service usage.

  • Level of choice enabling small and medium M2M partners to have same benefits as the biggest partner.

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