Ideal For Low or High Volume Independent Dealers, Facilitate Management Of Tracking & Report On All Aspects Of Inventory

Intelligent Channel Management (iCM)

Mobile-Technologies Intelligent Channel Management (iCM) is built for mobile operators based on the ever-changing market challenges of the distribution of SIM cards, voucher cards, devices, and accessories. iCM is scalable, making it both flexible and cost-effective, regardless of the number of distributors, dealers, sub-dealers, retailers, branches and franchises within the mobile operator. iCM is ideal for low or high volume independent dealers, facilitates management with tracking and reports on all aspects of inventory. It can be fully integrated with other systems such as accounting and payroll.
Distribution Channel Management

Manages dealers and retailers' distribution channels, where related information are the hierarchy structure is stored.

Order Management

Orders made by distributors and dealers are effectively managed with a customizable workflow.

Product Management

Products are managed in a coherent manner which can be associated with channel types and categorized by a pricing scheme and according to location.

Stock Inventory

Total inventory of stocks in different locations of distribution channels, which allows traceability and stock allocation.

Webcare Portal

Interface for distribution channels with secure access to the downstream dealer for channel management, product ordering, stock inventory and product knowledge.


Powerful web display report that can be exported to several document formats.

  • Business Challenges

    Expanding the dealer of the mobile network operator and maintaining its hierarchy is a major challenge to managing business processes such as dealer registration, order management, stocks allocation and dispatching of stocks.

  • Managment of Distribution hierarchy of dealers can be challenging if done on traditional software.

  • Inaccurate reporting of stocks in distribution channels can lead to difficulties during allocation and replenishment process.

  • Processing orders created in traditional software is a time-consuming process.

  • The complexity of ensuring product provisioning and quality before distribution.

  • Distributors and dealers are facing stock shortages due to delays in late approval and deliveries.

  • iCM Key Benefits

  • Significantly reduce the amount of manual work of registrations, processing orders, checking of stocks, allocating stocks, and so on.

  • Completely scalable, allowing each business to tailor their solution to meet their needs and requirements.

  • Simplifies the creation and management of products.

  • Captures information on stock inventory, allowing for accurate data when making stock allocations at every location.

  • High visual stock management at all business levels.

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