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Additional Southeast Asian Mobile Operator prefers Mobile-Technologies


Today, Mobile-Technologies is excited to announce that yet another Southeast Asian Mobile Operator has selected and successfully integrated iRM, the intelligent Customers Registration Management. iRM is a comprehensive and secure Customers Registration Management system which is accessible via the web and smartphone devices. iRM is an easy to use application that allows for all customer data, as mandated by the regulatory authority, to be captured secure and safely stored. The full automated solution allows for customer registration to take place virtually anytime and anywhere with or without connectivity.

“It is our experience that many Network Operators are challenged on short deadlines to comply with regulations, excessive administrative work collecting plus storing customer data and loss of revenue due to a cumbersome registration process. Our intelligent Customer Registration system is designed to meet all these challenges” Says Eli Hem Jensen, CEO, Mobile-Technologies.

Eli continues: “With our bendy scalable solution, iRM eliminates human error in the registration, provisioning and activation process. The flexible registration flow even allows offline registration in areas with no network coverage. ensure our customers reduce operational costs, enhances data integrity and increases our customers’ future business opportunities by providing a comprehensive set of report for monitoring and analysis”.

The iRM solution is part of our ISL framework which enables the operator to embrace new opportunities and capabilities including offering customer registration (KYC – Know Your Customer), Dealer and salesforce management in a progressive and cost efficient manner.

For more information contact: Eli Hem Jensen, CEO, Mobile-Technologies Co., Ltd. +66 (0) 89 89 38 552, [email protected]

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